Summer 2016 - 'Kidz' Programs for Camps
(ages 5-12)

These programs are available to book right now!
Yoga Kidz!
Yoga Like a Dolphin
Flex, Bend and Be a Friend!
This fun program encourages children to get active and become compassionate with themselves and others.  Team-building games and personal yoga instruction are included in the program. Stress-relievers, relaxation and positive thinking are all introduced in a 'kidz'-friendly manner.
Wear bare feet and bring water, mat & a towel.
This workshop is being presented at Pleasantview and Don Mills City of Toronto Adventure and Pre-School Camps this summer.  Want to come along?  Contact the camps or myself and find out when 'Yoga Like a Dolphin' is on!
Dance Kidz
Hip Hop, Jazz & Cheerleading meets Madagascar 3!

Like the movie?  Now try the moves!  Put on your grooves and your rainbow afro,then  pump it up, pump it up, pump it up!  Dance 'kidz' is sure to make you jump, 'pop' and sweat.  Choreography is easy enough for beginners,and can be 'funked' up for more advanced students.  Laced up shoes, or gymnastics/jazz/ballet shoes are all fine.  No flip flops or crocs please.  Bring water and a towel.
Science Kidz
Workshop:  Bugtastic!
Build a bug using found objects!  Learn the anatomy of insects, their behaviours and interesting facts.  Create a life-like 'bug', complete with defense mechanisms and symbiotic relationships with other organisms.  Who knew bugs could be SO.. MUCH... FUN!!
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