Creative Movement
with Yoga
18 months - 4 years
(FuZion Fitness and Yoga Studio
3195 Sheppard Ave E
Unit 101)

6 weeks / $80

Spend quality time with your little one, adapting breath and movement in a fun, non-competitive environment.  Your child/grandchild will enjoy socializing with other children and learning yoga through sensorial play, games, songs, stories and movement. Breathwork and tantrum-taming are all part of happy and emotionally-centred toddlers, and their families.

Available to book for your school, group or nursery:
  • Family Yoga (aged 3-10) Yoga for Fun & Relaxation
  • Yoga-Tots for Pre-School (aged 2-5) & Caregiver
  • Yoga-lates (Yoga & Pilates) Intensive Morning with Relaxation & Vegetarian Lunch
All workshops include notes to take home so you can incorporate workshop material into your home practice.
Picture (left) shows a Family Yoga session at a Community venue.
 Adventures In Sound
Music Foundation & Sound Appreciation
for Pre-Schoolers (3-6 years)
This research-derived program stimualtes brain areas connected with logical reasoningmathematics and spatial perception in later life. 
Using sensory stimualtion, creative expression to music, active soundscaping, and an exposure to different rhythms, ranges, tempos and lyrics, children heighten their appreciation of sound, the senses and what sounds they themselves can produce. 
Yoga breath (pranyama) and subtle body work (asana)
is used as a vehicle of learning in Adventures in Sound.
The program is a 6-week format, delivered weekly at your school, nursery, Early Years Centre, Montessori or home.
The Adventures in Sound Program complements the
Yoga-Tots Program also currently offered.
Please contact me to detail your requirements:
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